Shaurya Path: Xi Jinping’s visit to Europe, discussion on issues related to Israel-Hamas, America and Russia-Ukraine

This week also in Prabha Sakshi’s special program Shaurya Path, we discussed the turmoil in the world. As always, Brigadier DS Tripathi was present in this program. Even today, the Russia-Ukraine war and the Israel-Hamas war remain a part of the discussion in our program. But along with this we asked Brigadier Tripathi how important is the visit of the Chinese President to Europe from the security point of view and how do you see it? Apart from this, our series of questions also reached on the big deal being made between America and Saudi Arabia. We asked the question why such a big deal is happening between Saudi Arabia and America? We also asked Brigadier Tripathi questions on Israel’s aggressive attitude towards Rafah and wanted to know why talks on ceasefire are not being reached? Brigadier Tripathi answered all the questions openly.

1. The Chinese Prime Minister has recently visited the European Union, especially France, followed by Serbia and Hungary. What is going to be achieved from this phase of theirs?

Regarding the visit of the Chinese President to Europe, Brigadier Tripathi said that it has come only after about 5 years. He said that compared to other European countries, the French President has been inclined in favor of China. He said that the Chinese President’s visit to France was completely focused on trade. Both countries expected benefits from this from a trade point of view. But a big deal could not be done. There was also a meeting between the President of France and the President of China. But this meeting did not make much difference. The main objective of the national presidents of both the countries was to balance the trade. However no announcement was made. France is hoping that China will try to understand Russia regarding the Ukraine issue. Apart from this, France wants that there should be a situation of global ceasefire during the Olympics. China’s role can be very important in this. Brigadier Tripathi said that the visit of the Chinese President to Hungary and Serbia was beneficial. Both countries have been inclined towards China and Russia. Both countries need big trade and investment. There have also been talks with the President of China regarding this.

2. Israel has finally invaded the area of ​​Rafah. Whereas the talk of peace is still going on and Hamas had even agreed. How do you see this?

– In response to this question, he said that peace talks were going on along with the ceasefire. There were also preparations to release hostages from both sides. But Netanyahu has something else going on in his mind. It’s going to be a year and a half of this war. Israel has not achieved anything special so far. This is why Netanyahu is also under pressure from the right wing. Therefore Israel is not ready to retreat at the moment. He is adopting an aggressive attitude. Brigadier Tripathi claimed that there are more Hamas people in Rafah. Israel feels this way. This is why Israel is targeting Rafah. But there are also a large number of common people there. In such a situation, they may also suffer loss. Israel does not want to remain without completely eliminating Hamas. Israel feels that most of the Hamas people live in Rafah. Israel is calling Rafa a terrorist hub. He said that Rafah is the last strong hold of Hamas where Israel is now preparing to attack.

3. A historic security agreement may be signed between Saudi Arabia and America amid the Gaza war, whose negotiations are in the final stages. What impact will this have in Middle East Asia?

Brigadier Tripathi said that continuous talks are going on between America and Saudi Arabia. In the current global situation, every country is worried about its security. This is why making an agreement with a powerful nation like America is both a compulsion and a necessity for many nations. Saudi Arabia also understands this very well, hence continuous efforts are being made to negotiate with America. Apart from this, he said that the fight for supremacy continues in Arab countries. Saudi Arabia is trying to elevate itself in this. Iran, China and Russia are coming closer. Therefore America has the option of Saudi Arabia where it can strengthen itself. However, this deal will happen only after Israel’s consent. Artificial Intelligence is very important for Saudi Arabia in which America can help it. Brigadier Tripathi said that Saudi Arabia was getting closer to China, which had increased America’s tension. That’s why America started putting pressure on Arabs. After the deal with Saudi Arabia, America will benefit in the field of oil uranium. Apart from this, America will be able to strengthen itself in the Middle East. It may also be easy for America to counter Iran. In terms of security, Saudi Arabia will continue to get assurance from America.

4 Putin has started his fifth term after being elected President of Russia. He has intensified the attacks on Ukraine and has also threatened Europe and America with war. How do you view this?

In response to this question, Brigadier Tripathi said that Putin has become stronger. He has once again become the President for 6 years. Therefore he wants to continue his aggressive attitude. He said that Russia may have a direct war with Ukraine. But Putin is trying to give a big message to America and Western countries through Ukraine. If we look at present, Russia has changed its strategy. Instead of military targets, he is targeting energy places in Ukraine. Russia’s focus is now on the big cities of Ukraine. Putin knows very well that Ukraine may get some help after two-three months. That’s why he has already become aggressive and is trying to take advantage. Brigadier Tripathi said that Ukraine is not in a position to respond at present. He lacks weapons. There is shortage of manpower. Infrastructure has been damaged. In such a situation, it remains to be seen how Ukraine will bounce back after getting help.

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