Stock Market Crash Sensex fell below 750 points, reached the level of 74 thousand, know why the fall happened

The Indian stock market has suddenly fallen down. BSE Sensex has fallen by more than 750 points on the last day of the trading week. With this the Sensex has reached below the level of 74000. At the same time, Nifty has also fallen below the level of 22500.

According to the data, BSE Sensex has fallen by a huge fall of 769.69 points. With this its level has reached 73,831. Whereas NSE Nifty is trading at this level of 22,454.

If we talk about the market situation, then BSE Sensex has seen a fall of 640 points. With this fall, the Sensex has reached its peak of 73,970. Apart from this, Nifty has also seen a fall of 176 points, after which it is trading at the level of 22,471.

Only four out of 30 Sensex stocks are trading on the green mark while all 26 stocks are trading on the red mark. Cities trading on the green mark include Bajaj Finance, Bajaj Finserv, M&M and ICICI Bank. These four stocks are trading strongly. Bharti Airtel has suffered the most loss, its shares have fallen by Rs 2.40. Apart from this, shares of Reliance Industries have also declined by 1.92 percent.

It is believed that many heavyweight shares have declined which include Reliance Industries, HDFC Bank, Asian Paints, Nestle. The stock market became saturated only after the decline of these big companies. Due to the fall of these shares, a big decline has been seen in the index.

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