T20 world Cup 2024: What is the secret behind Rohit Sharma eating the soil of Barbados pitch, Hitman revealed in the video

The Indian team won the final match of T20 World Cup 2024 between India and South Africa played at Kensington Oval in Barbados by 7 wickets. With this, Team India became the world champion by ending the drought of the last 17 years. At the same time, after winning this title, Indian captain Rohit Sharma ate the fist of the Barbados pitch, after which it was discussed everywhere. At the same time, Rohit Sharma himself has revealed why he ate the soil?

After India won the T20 World Cup 2024, two pictures of Rohit Sharma came out. One of these pictures was that when Anrich Norkhia hit a single at deep midwicket on the last ball of the match, Rohit lay down on the ground and slammed the ball several times. This was Rohit’s way of telling the world that his and India’s 13-year wait is finally over.

After all the hugging, the tears of joy, the screaming, the thumping and the dance moves after India won the T20 World Cup, Rohit Sharma quietly walked to the middle of the pitch, broke off a piece and put it in his mouth. He loved doing it all over again, as if he was loving the taste of the mud.

Rohit has revealed his secret on this. Rohit said in a BCCI video on Tuesday that, you know… I was feeling that moment. When I went to the pitch because that pitch gave us this. We played on that special pitch and we won the game, that special ground as well. I will always remember that ground and that pitch in my heart. So I wanted to keep a part of it with me. So there, those moments are very, very special. The place where our dreams were fulfilled, I wanted a part of it, this was the feeling behind it.

Rohit further said that they were spontaneous. There was no specific reason for them. Rohit said, look, those things are unreal, I don’t think I can describe it. Because nothing was scripted. All this, you know, whatever was coming naturally.

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