Tears came to my eyes while laughing… Mitchell Marsh spoke on Afghanistan’s big win over Bangladesh

Last year’s ODI champion Australian team could not make it to the semi-finals of the T20 World Cup 2024 this time. They had to suffer a big upset against Afghanistan in the Super-8. After this, their journey ended with the defeat in the match against India. However, the team’s hopes were pinned on the Afghanistan and Bangladesh match, which Afghanistan completely destroyed by defeating Bangladesh. For the first time in history, the Afghanistan team has reached the semi-finals of the T20 World Cup. At the same time, after the victory of the Afghanistan team, Kangaroo team captain Mitchell Marsh said that he laughed so much while watching the match between Afghanistan and Bangladesh that tears came to his eyes.

Marsh started laughing after seeing Gulbadin

Let us tell you that, Marsh gave a statement regarding Afghanistan’s Gulbadin Naib’s hamstring incident. He said, I was laughing so hard that tears came to my eyes. It did not affect the match so now we can laugh. But it was really a very funny incident. It was fantastic.

Ashwin came out in support of Gulbadin

However, Indian spinner R Ashwin has supported Gulbadin. He said, Gulbadin had fallen. Everyone said that he should be punished. Why so? That person is playing for his country, trying to win the World Cup. There are a lot of hopes in Afghanistan. They are playing for each other. We can say a thousand things, do Indian players not play for each other, do they not play for their country, but they do play. But the way the Afghan players are playing for each other at this time, I have never seen that before.

For now, let us tell you that the match between Afghanistan and Bangladesh was going to be disrupted by rain. During Bangladesh’s batting, when Rashid came to bowl the 12th over, the rain had almost started. According to the score at that time, Afghanistan was two runs ahead, after the fourth ball of Rashid’s over, Afghanistan’s coach Jonathan Trott signaled to slow down the match so that if the match could not be continued, they would benefit.

Seeing the coach’s signal, Gulbadin suddenly fell on the ground and said that he has a hamstring injury. Due to this the match was stopped for some time. However, after the rain the match started again and Afghanistan won. While some people are trolling Gulbadin for this, some are also praising him.

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