Tech News: How to do fast browsing in laptop or computer, just follow these easy tips

When you people work on PC or computer, you use the browser, there is a lot of information in it. Which website have you visited in your browser, what have you downloaded. Also, your password information and many other things are saved in the browser. In such a situation, if you do not keep your browser clean regularly, your PC or computer will become slow.

Fast browsing will be available in PC or computer

Let us tell you that from time to time, your laptop or computer’s history, browser data, cache, cookies and many other useless files also take up extra space in the system. This then directly impacts the performance of your system. All these must be deleted regularly, this benefits PC and computer.

After all, what are cookies, cache and history?

When we browse the Internet and visit a website, a popup notification appears after opening the page, requesting you to accept cookies. Let us tell you that these cookies reduce the storage of your device. Cookies keep all the information of users safe. So that if the user ever comes again, his experience is better.

Cache means that it saves the photos of whatever website you visit. So that the page load can be made faster the next time the user visits. History means where the user had gone in the recent past. If you want, you can also make private the information about the websites you visited. So that all your information will remain safe.

How to delete cookies, cache and history from browser?

– First of all, open Chrome browser in your PC or computer.

– Click on the three dots on the top right side.

– After this you go to More Tools and click on Clear Browsing Data.

– Select some boxes there, like Browsing History, Downloading History, Cookies and Site Data.

– You can also go to the basic settings of the browser. You go to the time frame box and select all time.

– At last you can click on Clear Data button.

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