The fate of SP candidate Afzal Ansari will be decided in the court on May 2.

Lucknow. Even though Samajwadi Party has declared Afzal Ansari, brother of late powerful Mukhtar Ansari, as its candidate from Ghazipur Lok Sabha seat, the final decision on whether Afzal will be able to contest the elections or not will be taken by a decision of Allahabad High Court. In fact, a decision is to be taken on the four-year sentence given to Afzal by the MP-MLA court in the gangster case of the murder of the then BJP MLA from Muhammadabad, Krishnanand Rai. Whereas against the four-year sentence, Krishnanand Rai’s family has filed an appeal in the High Court demanding increase in Afzal’s sentence to ten years, the decision on which is to come on May 2 i.e. tomorrow. If the decision is in his favor then his political journey will continue. Otherwise he may face problems in the future.

Seven people, including the then BJP MLA Krishnanand Rai, who defeated Afzal in the 2002 elections, were shot dead in Basniya on November 29, 2005. In this murder case, a case was registered against Ansari brothers along with Sanjeev Jeeva, Munna Bajrangi for conspiracy. The Ansari brothers were acquitted in the murder case, but on the basis of this case, the police had also registered a gangster case against Afzal and Mukhtar in the year 2007.

In this case, on April 29, 2023, the MP-MLA court had sentenced Afzal to four years and Mukhtar to 10 years. After this decision, Afzal went to jail and his membership in Parliament was abolished. Then Afzal, who was released on bail on the orders of the High Court, applied in the Supreme Court and presented his stand that since he has been acquitted in the MLA murder case, then the decision of the Lower Court under Gangster Act is unacceptable on the basis of this. The Supreme Court conditionally suspended Afzal’s sentence on 14 December 2023. Membership reinstated.

The High Court has been given time till June 30 to take a decision. At the same time, Krishnanand Rai’s son Piyush Rai has filed an application in the High Court to increase his sentence from four to 10 years. The hearing of both is being held together.

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