The one whom Akhilesh called the king of Ayodhya, Rahul is also praising him, BJP leader accused him of obscenity, VIDEO also went viral

BJP leader Radhika Khera, who switched her allegiance during the Lok Sabha elections 2024 after quitting the Congress party and joining the saffron party, on Monday accused Faizabad/Ayodhya MP Awadhesh Prasad of “behaving indecently” with a young man while he was giving a statement to news agency ANI. Sharing a clip of Awadhesh Prasad’s interview, Radhika said she was ashamed to see the video.

In a post on X, he criticized the SP leader for his hand gesture and wrote that INDI Alliance flavour of season, I feel ashamed to see the video of Rahul Gandhi’s favorite MP Awadhesh Prasad. He further wrote that the obscene-weird behavior of his hands on the face of a young man is highly condemnable. That too in the middle of the Parliament, in front of the media. Rahul ji, do you support such disgusting-indecent behavior?

In the 30-second long video shared by Radhika, Awadhesh can be seen placing one of his hands on the shoulder of a young man. As he answers the reporter’s question, his fingers reach the neck of the young man. It appears that Awadhesh inadvertently touched the man’s neck. The video shows that the man on whose shoulder Awadhesh placed his hand did not object to his gestures. However, Radhika’s post was criticised by social media users. Some users trolled her for the post and found nothing wrong in Awadhesh Kumar’s behaviour, while others criticised the SP leader for his behaviour.

Samajwadi Party President and Kannauj MP Akhilesh Yadav, while reacting to the President’s speech, introduced Awadhesh Prasad as King Ayodhya. BJP has called it an insult to Lord Ram and Sanatan Dharma and said that Akhilesh has compared his MP to Lord Ram. At the same time, Rahul Gandhi is also constantly praising Awadhesh Prasad.

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