There was a big upset in the France elections, left parties dominated, there was a lot of uproar in Paris, violence broke out everywhere

A big upset is being seen in the French elections. The leftist alliance seems to be getting the most seats in the second round of parliamentary elections. While the alliance that won in the first round was expected to win. But they slipped to third place. Three major political groups have emerged from these elections – yet none of them has been able to come close to the 289 seats needed for a majority in the 577-seat lower house National Assembly. The leftist alliance, which emerged as the largest group here, has got 182 seats. Macron’s alliance has got 168 seats, while the far-right Rassemblement National and its allies have got 143 seats.

Violence erupted in many places

Videos posted on social media showed police wearing riot gear confronting protesters, while tear gas was fired and several demonstrators were arrested. Protesters threw Molotov cocktails and smoke bombs in the streets, leading to clashes between them and riot police. The Popular Front comprises the Socialist Party of France, the French Communist Party and France Unbowed. The parties formed an unlikely coalition to prevent the far-right from winning outright after the National Rally’s landslide victory in the first round of the election. The leftist bloc has pledged a number of measures, including scrapping Macron’s pension reform and establishing a “right to retire at 60”, Fox News reported. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Gabriel Attal said he would resign on Monday but would remain as caretaker prime minister until a new candidate was appointed to the post.

Macron will become a kingmaker instead of a king

The results were also a setback for Macron, who had called the snap election to reassert his political dominance. But voters punished him and his coalition for failures to deliver on the cost of living and public services as the National Rally advanced in the first round. The far-right party also won last month’s European Parliament election. The National Rally capitalised on issues French people were facing, shed its historical reputation for racism and anti-Semitism, and broadened its appeal beyond its traditional strongholds, but it was not enough to ensure victory. Despite the surprise defeat, party leader Marine Le Pen said the seeds for the future had been sown. Hard-line left leader Jean-Luc Mélenchon said Macron should invite the New Popular Front to govern the country and insisted the mandate must be respected. However, he ruled out running a coalition of various left-wing parties, creating uncertainty over who would run the government.

Socialist Party appeals

On the other hand, Raphael Glucksmann of the Socialist Party called on left-wing coalition partners to act like “adults”, saying there was a need to engage in dialogue as the bloc is ahead in a divided parliament. Despite the uncertainty, New Popular Front volunteers celebrated the news and said they were just cherishing the moment and not thinking about the next course of action. Many of them said they could not believe that the left was actually prevailing over the far-right after the surprise setback in the first round of voting, the BBC reported.

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