These companies including Google, Meta, Microsoft laid off people in June 2024

Layoffs are going on in many big companies these days. The trend of layoffs is increasing rapidly in various sectors. These days companies are facing economic uncertainties, changes in consumer demands and operational challenges increased due to the current global situation. Amidst this situation, many companies have made huge cuts in the number of employees this month, due to which layoffs are going on, affecting a large number of employees. In June 2024, widespread layoffs will affect thousands of employees around the world, including giant tech companies like Google and Meta and companies from various other sectors.

Layoffs at Microsoft

Microsoft laid off about 1,500 employees, significantly impacting departments like the mixed reality team responsible for Hololens 2. The move comes after an earlier round of layoffs in which Microsoft laid off more than 10,000 employees, highlighting continued restructuring efforts within the company. There were also significant cuts to the Azure for Operators and Mission Engineering teams, affecting hundreds of employees.

Layoffs at Google

Google’s parent company Alphabet has reportedly laid off employees from various teams in Google’s cloud division, one of its fastest-growing areas. Last week, internal communications reviewed by CNBC showed that the company informed its employees about these cuts related to the cloud business. Positions in sales, consulting, “go-to-market” strategy, operations and engineering have been affected by the layoffs. According to sources familiar with the matter, at least 100 positions have been affected by these recent job cuts.

Layoffs at Ola Electric

Ola Electric has reportedly cut around 400 to 500 employees across various divisions. The company’s decision is aimed at reducing operating costs ahead of a planned initial public offering (IPO). Reports suggest that while some of the affected employees may be replaced by new hires at a significantly lower cost, the overall workforce is expected to be reduced.

Sorting in Simple

Simple, a buy now pay later (BNPL) startup, has reportedly laid off around 30 employees, following a wider layoff of 160 individuals less than a month ago. Like the previous round, this latest round of layoffs has also affected employees across multiple departments.

Meta Sorting

Meta has reportedly reduced the number of vice presidents at the company. CEO Mark Zuckerberg has described a year marked by efficiency as a permanent aspect of Meta’s operations, including significant reductions of more than 20,000 Meta employees. The continued focus on performance and restructuring has led to gradual layoffs across various teams, impacting executives.

This bank

Yes Bank has reportedly initiated a restructuring process that has led to the layoff of around 500 employees, with more layoffs expected in the coming months. The recent job cuts have impacted several divisions of Yes Bank, particularly its wholesale and retail operations, while the branch banking segment has also been particularly impacted.

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