This popular Nokia phone is returning again after 25 years, know its features

Human Mobile Devices (HMD) is reportedly working on a modernized version of the Nokia 3210. Originally launched in 1999, it is a durable and heavy-duty feature phone with an internal antenna and T9 predictive text. The Nokia 3210 had changeable covers and allowed users to choose from 40 monophonic ringtones. It had a black and green 1.5-inch backlit monochromatic LCD screen and weighed about 150 grams, making it slightly lighter than most modern smartphones.

These games were present in this phone

Three games – Snake, Memory and Rotation were pre-installed on the phone. Some versions of the phone also had hidden games that could be activated using special software and using a data cable.

Can buy from 8th May

According to a recent report from Nokiamob, a Finnish outlet named Giganti may have accidentally leaked a mod version of the Nokia 3210. The upcoming phone will come in two colors – cyan and yellow – and will be available for purchase on May 8.

While this product listing is now down, the publication said that the upcoming phone will be priced around 89 euros. It is still unclear whether HMD will bring it to other parts of the world or not. Recently, the company had put up a teaser in a trade show which was immediately removed. However, Nokia fans were quick to notice that the upcoming feature phone will have a ‘retro interface’ and will come with older games like Snake.

Features of Nokia 3210

It may also have a microSD card slot along with Bluetooth and 4G connectivity. The report also suggests that the new Nokia 3210 will feature USB-C charging and come with a 1,450mAh battery.

Over the past few years, ever since HMD acquired Nokia, the company has been relaunching some iconic phones like the Nokia 2660 Flip (Review), another feature phone that’s great for reducing your smartphone usage or going on a digital detox. Can help you go.

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