Trump-Biden will be face to face after 4 years, 90 minute debate at 9 pm, focus may be on these 5 issues

The first presidential debate in the United States is set to air today, June 27. The debate is taking place months earlier than usual and with new rules such as no live audience. Organised by CNN, the campaign will see a face-off between Democrat President Joe Biden and his Republican rival Donald Trump for the first time. Issues of economy, inflation and immigration are expected to dominate the debate. Apart from this, foreign policy questions, mainly related to China, Ukraine and Israel’s conflict in Gaza, are also expected to be raised.

Legal Dispute

In this debate, the recent legal issues related to both the candidates can also be a topic of discussion. Former President Trump was recently found guilty on 34 criminal charges in New York. With this, he has become the first US President to be convicted of serious crimes. This issue can be useful for Joe Biden to corner Trump. Biden can use this to present Trump as an immoral and untrustworthy person. On the other hand, Trump can retaliate by mentioning the legal dispute of Biden’s son Hunter. It is important to note that while both are embroiled in a legal battle, only Trump is the candidate in this election, not Hunter Biden.

Age Factor

Age and mental health are expected to be a focus point of the debate, especially given the ages of both candidates. Trump, 78, has repeatedly questioned Biden’s fitness, pointing to the president’s mistakes. Trump has even suggested that Biden take a cognitive test, though he himself has made notable errors in his speeches. Biden, 81, will have to defend his bid for a second term while fending off questions over his ability to serve a second term despite his age.

Debate over abortion rights

Abortion is a key issue where Biden is likely to take the offensive. Trump’s appointments to the Supreme Court played a key role in overturning Roe v. Wade, leading to sweeping abortion restrictions across the country. While Trump has said he would not support a national abortion ban if re-elected, his role in the overturning of Roe v. Wade will be a key point of contention. Biden’s pro-choice stance is the exact opposite, and he is expected to use it to highlight Trump’s harmful impact on women’s rights.

Foreign policy issues

While the debate will focus primarily on domestic issues, foreign policy will also be on the agenda. Expect brief mentions of key topics such as the US stance on China, the conflict between Israel and Hamas, and broader international relations. Each candidate will aim to demonstrate their ability to handle the complex global landscape.

immigration policy

Immigration is another area where Trump is expected to heavily criticise Biden. The Biden administration has faced significant challenges in managing immigration at the US-Mexico border, a point that Trump will likely use to question Biden’s effectiveness. Trump’s tough stance on immigration remains a central theme of his campaign, and he will use the occasion to draw a sharp contrast between his policies and those of the current administration.

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