UK Election 2024 Updates: Voting in Britain for general elections, Rishi Sunak casts his vote with wife Akshata Murthy

Voting is taking place in the United Kingdom today. Voting stations will be open from 7am to 10pm (0600-2100 GMT). An exit poll at 10pm will be the first indication of results after voting ends, with detailed results expected early Friday. Opinion polls for this year’s UK election indicate the centre-left Labour Party is set for a historic victory in Thursday’s election. That would potentially end 14 years of Conservative rule and put Starmer in the Prime Minister’s Office at 10 Downing Street by Friday morning. YouGov’s final seat projections released on Wednesday show Labour is on course to win a majority of 212 seats, the largest of any party in modern history. On the final day of campaigning, Labour leader Starmer and Conservative Prime Minister Rishi Sunak both warned voters of severe economic consequences if another candidate wins.

Who is Labour Party candidate Keir Starmer?

Keir Starmer, 61, the Labour Party candidate standing against Rishi Sunak in the UK Election 2024, took over the leadership of the party in 2020 after suffering its worst electoral defeat in 84 years in 2019 under veteran left-wing leader Jeremy Corbyn. He focused on shaping Labour into a party known for competence and pragmatism rather than being primarily driven by ideology. Starmer is a former human rights lawyer and has also been Britain’s top prosecutor. He entered Parliament in 2015 and served as Corbyn’s spokesman on Brexit. He was named after Labour Party founder Keir Hardie.

Rishi Sunak casts his vote with his wife Akshata Murthy

Prime Minister and Conservative Party candidate Rishi Sunak has cast his vote in North Yorkshire, reports the BBC. He and his wife Akshata Murthy went to their polling station at a village hall in Northallerton about thirty minutes after voting began.

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