Under Mamata’s rule, the condition of government schools in the state is bad, studies are going on somehow.


Regarding the poor condition of government schools, the girl students of West Bengal said that due to shortage in the number of teachers, studies in schools are not conducted in a better manner. Also, the teachers in the school are not very serious about studies. Girl students have also raised many questions regarding the mid-day meal scheme.

CricketInFocus’s team reached West Bengal during the election tour. Where our editor Neeraj Kumar Dubey talked to some local girl students about the education system in the state.

During the conversation, a student said that due to shortage in the number of teachers, studies are not conducted in a better way in the school. Also, the teachers in the school are not very serious about studies. He told that the food provided in mid-day meal also has many deficiencies. There is dirt everywhere in the utensils. Apart from this, many basic facilities like toilets etc. are also not usable. School toilets and classrooms are very dirty but the toilets of teachers and female teachers have enough water and are always kept clean.

A class 10 student said that the government claims that it is providing money to the children through many schemes but till date not a single penny has come into her account. Whereas his bank account was opened in class 5 itself. The ninth class student also told that the teachers teaching in the class are also not very serious about studies. They come to class and just sit while some teachers teach well. Regarding the mid-day meal, a student of class VII said that the food eaten is very wasteful and there is no arrangement for sitting while eating. In the canteen, only boys have seating arrangements while they eat food while standing. She told that sometimes the food becomes so bad that she does not eat the mid-day meal.

Apart from this, the students said that there is no awareness in the school regarding cleanliness. Garbage is scattered everywhere in the school. Teachers do not pay any special attention to maintaining discipline in the school. Apart from this, he said that even the dresses provided by the government are given too big without any measurement. Even shoes to wear are not available in the school. Regarding fees, he said that fees in schools are continuously increasing. Fees have increased many times compared to before. The schools collect fees from them on various pretexts. The students said that their first priority is to ensure adequate cleanliness in the school and toilets.

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