Warning of high waves in coastal parts of Kerala, South Tamil Nadu

Thiruvananthapuram. Central agencies have issued a ‘red alert’ for fishermen and local residents in the coastal areas of Kerala and South Tamil Nadu that there may be high waves in the sea on Saturday and Sunday. This phenomenon of sudden high waves rising in the sea is known by the name ‘Kalakkadal’. Officials here said that the Indian National Center for Ocean Information Services (INCOIS) and the National Disaster Management Authority have issued this warning. In view of this warning, officials have urged fishermen and residents of coastal areas to take necessary precautions.

An official of the Kerala Disaster Management Authority said, “A warning has been received from NDMA-INCOIS about high waves in the sea.” The weather agencies said that the sea will be high during the period from 2.30 am on Saturday to 11.30 pm on Sunday. There is a possibility of waves. Officials said there is a possibility of very strong winds and high waves in the sea during this period. However, he said that this is not a tsunami like situation. Earlier in the day, INCOIS had said waves of 0.5 to 1.5 meters high were likely in the sea.

INCOIS is a central agency that issues marine weather warnings to fishermen in the country. In a statement, the Kerala State Disaster Management Authority (KSDMA) and other weather agencies advised people to stay away from dangerous areas as directed by authorities as the sea weather is likely to be rough.

According to the statement, ‚ÄúCollisions can be avoided by keeping a safe distance between boats. The safety of fishing equipment should be ensured.” The agencies have also advised people to stay away from the coasts and not to venture into the sea. According to INCOIS, strong winds blowing in the southern part of the Indian Ocean result in high waves in the sea.

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