Well-known lawyer Sai Deepak said- The coming five years for India will be one of economic stability as well as instability.

Santa Clara. Renowned Supreme Court lawyer J Sai Deepak has said that the coming five years for India will be one of economic stability as well as instability on various fronts. He said that if the government does not put in place any mechanism to deal with street protests, the country’s development story will be hampered due to law and order issues. Sai Deepak said, “I think India’s economic success is a foregone conclusion due to many factors and I am not overconfident here. There is a hunger for economic growth within the people which is significantly driving the India story forward.

Sai Deepak is also a popular speaker among Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) supporters. He said that this hunger for economic growth along with the enabling factors that the government has decided to create a conducive environment will definitely help in creating a story of development. Sai Deepak said, “But if the government does not come out with a mechanism to deal with the increasingly frequent form of street protests that we have been witnessing for the last five years, then the development story will end with law and order issues.” Will be interrupted by. This is not unique to India. This strategy seems to have been adopted around the world.

I don’t think the future will see the type of terrorist attacks that you’ve probably seen in the last 20 or 25 years, you might see a lot of urban conflict. He said, that’s why experts call it where the streets are occupied and you are not talking about an organized group of people in terms of the main group, but they choose to gather a large crowd. I think India needs to be prepared for such a conflict because if it does not happen, the experiment of at least the two protests that happened between 2019 and 2024 will be repeated on a larger scale.

Referring to the Shaheen Bagh protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act and the farmers’ protest against the three agricultural laws, Deepak said he was more concerned about how the government and society would react to this than the election results. Will respond. In response to a question, he warned of a period of instability in India in the next five years. Deepak said, I am more interested in its ability to handle these situations firmly without being influenced by international opinion or the opinion of the West because we need to do that so that we stay in the game.

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