What is Artificial General Intelligence, know why people are afraid of it?

recently OpenAI CEO Sam Altman said in an interview that he would invest several billion dollars in the development of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI). But as Altman continues to work on what is considered the pinnacle of I development, many in the global tech community are very cautious.

What is AGI?

AGI stands for ‘general intelligence’, that is, the possibility of ‘at least human level’ intelligence. This means that AGI is a system that has the ability to understand, think, and solve any problem, including the ability to suspect, experience, and learn. If there is a system that can achieve human level intelligence, it is called general cognitive intelligence (AGI).

Difference between AGI and AI

AI is a broad term that describes any machine or system that has a form of intelligence. These systems have the ability to experience, learn, find solutions to problems and take decisions. AI machines can take many forms, such as computer science, machine learning, natural language processing, and deep learning. Whereas AGI is a higher level AI that targets the ability of general intelligence. This system has the capability of intelligence equal to or greater than that of humans, with no particular limitations of time, space, and functionality.

Why are people worried about AGI?

People are concerned about many issues related to AGI. Some of these main reasons are as follows.

First of all, AGI lacks control. Because AGI cannot be developed in a controlled manner, it may become unduly independent and lead to anti-social or adverse effects.

Danger of maximum capacity: At AGI’s maximum potential, it may be superior to humans in abilities such as sensitivity, cognitive ability, and determination, which may be difficult to perceive due to their unknown nature.

Search for tasks: Some are worried that the emergence of AGI may bring with it an overabundance of human work and the search for jobs.

Risk of accidents: Due to misoperation or lack of control of AGI, it can cause accidents, which can pose risks to human society and the environment.

Ethical Issues: Some are concerned about whether AGI will respect ethical and human values, or whether it will be used solely for technical and commercial purposes.

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