When Anupriya Patel’s credibility was at stake, BJP reprimanded her

Lucknow. As soon as Apna Dal (S) president Anupriya Patel’s political ground shook in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, she started remembering Dalits, Kurmis and backward castes. In 2019, Anupriya won the Mirzapur Lok Sabha seat by a margin of about two lakh thirty two thousand votes, but in 2024 the margin of victory was reduced to around 37 thousand votes. As soon as this happened, Anupriya is again cornering the same BJP in whose Modi government she and her husband are adorning the post of minister in the Yogi government to restore her credibility. The questions raised by Anupriya regarding the recruitment to the posts reserved for OBCs and STs to regain her lost ground are nothing but her attempt to grab political headlines, while the reality is that the panic of losing her Kurmi vote bank is being considered a major reason behind this. There is also a discussion in political circles that Anupriya, who considers herself the only leader of her caste, had barely won the Lok Sabha election after a tough fight this time, due to which she is under a lot of pressure.

In fact, in the Lok Sabha elections, Anupriya won her traditional seat after a lot of hard work and a tough fight, whereas, she lost the Robertganj seat. BJP gave only two seats to Apna Dal. Apart from this, Anupriya is claiming that Kurmi caste has influence on more than a dozen seats, in most of which BJP has faced defeat. Ever since this fact came to light in the review of the results by BJP, Anupriya was worried about saving her reputation in NDA and that is why she is doing politics of pressure. It is a different matter that despite the defeat on Kurmi dominated seats, the BJP leadership has not only made her a minister again at the Center, but has also given her the same importance which she had earlier. Despite this, Anupriya raising questions on the recruitment on posts reserved for OBC-ST category has become a matter of surprise for BJP.

Well, only time will tell what benefit Anupriya will get from this political move, but it is certain that by raising this issue, she has tried to strengthen her weakening hold on her community. On the other hand, this move of Anupriya is also being seen as pressure politics. Sources say that after the Kurmi vote bank slipped in the election results, Anupriya started worrying that if the vote bank slips once, it will be a tough challenge for the party to get it back. Therefore, she has tried to do damage control in a way by raising questions about recruitment on reserved posts. However, on the basis of the rules of the Recruitment Commission, Additional Chief Secretary Appointment and Personnel Devesh Chaturvedi has clarified the situation by sending a reply to Anupriya’s letter on behalf of the government. Still, the discussion about this political maneuver of her is not stopping. It is believed that raising such an issue without being aware of the correct facts is a big political mistake of Anupriya.

On the other hand, the BJP camp is now busy looking for the reasons behind Anupriya writing the letter. Actually, there is a strong discussion in the BJP camp that Anupriya has not taken this step spontaneously. It is also believed that Anupriya has taken this step in view of the expansion of the state cabinet in place of two ministers who won the Lok Sabha elections and the election for the vacant posts of MLC. So that pressure can be created on the state government. She has already been raising the issue of making one more minister from her quota in the state government.

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