Why did Nitish not ask for a bigger ministry in Modi 3.0? Prashant Kishor made a shocking revelation

Political strategist Prashant Kishor has hit out at Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar for not asking for a major ministry in the Modi Cabinet. Kishor said Kumar opted against asking for a key ministry to prevent internal dissent within his party. Kishor suggested that the Bihar CM feared that if he gave the key ministry to someone else, it could lead to challenges to his leadership. Therefore, Kumar preferred a ministry where he could work without facing controversies or internal opposition.

This comes as the political scenario in Bihar has heated up following allegations that the state did not get any important ministry in Prime Minister Modi’s government. RJD leader Tejashwi Yadav dismissed it as a political stunt. The discussion comes in the wake of allegations against JD(U) leader RCP Singh, who previously held a ministry and was later accused of working against the interests of his party. Singh eventually joined the BJP and was given the Steel Ministry.

Kishor stressed the importance of choosing leaders based on their performance and dedication to public service. He argued that only those who actively work for the people should hold office, as citizens have the right to remove ineffective leaders through constitutional means. Kishor urged voters to prioritise long-term developmental issues over short-term political gains, stressing the transformative power of education in eradicating poverty and promoting sustainable development.

Urging Bihar voters to focus on securing a better future for their children through education, Kishor advised, “Stop voting based on temporary gestures.” He stressed that an educated young population can lead Bihar to prosperity, reduce dependence on political patronage and improve overall socio-economic conditions.

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