Will Russia be torn into pieces again after 33 years? What plan did NATO and Zelensky prepare together?

In the last three months, two major terrorist attacks have taken place on Russian soil. The first attack took place on 22 March at Corks Mall in Moscow, the capital of Russia. This time the terrorists have attacked the western southern regions of Russia where anti-Russian groups are dominant. Where the demand for independence from Russia has been rising for decades. In such a situation, it is being feared that NATO and Ukraine may be behind the terror attacks in Dagestan and Sochi. It is even being claimed that through this attack a blueprint for Russian disintegration is being prepared.

Terrorist attacks in two regions of the Russian Federation

Last night two regions of the Russian Federation were devastated by terrorist attacks. A major terrorist attack has taken place in Dagestan, Russia. Terrorists have wreaked havoc in two cities of Russia. Pictures of terrorists firing bullets have also been captured on camera. Two religious places were targeted by the terrorists. The terrorists targeted the Jewish religious place and the Christian church. After which many cities of Russia came on high alert and armored vehicles were seen on the roads. The Islamic State, known for its ruthlessness and cruelty, has once again targeted two cities of Russia.

Terrorist attack in a mall in Russia

It is worth noting that the attack in Dagestan and Sochi is the second major terrorist attack in Russia this year. Earlier, there was a terrorist attack in a mall in Russia, in which more than 150 people were killed. However, the ISIS-K organization took responsibility for this attack. But the big question is who shook Dagestan and Sochi with the terrorist conspiracy.

Who is the main character behind the conspiracy of 2 terror attacks on Russian soil?

However, Russian agencies are investigating these terrorist attacks. At present, investigation is going on as to who carried out the terror attack and why. Abdulkhakim Gadzhiev said that these terrorist attacks have been carried out with complete planning. I believe that in some way or the other, the intelligence agencies of Ukraine and NATO countries and the people associated with them are involved in this terrorist attack.

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