Workers of jute mills in Barrackpore get Rs 500 per day, living difficult in times of inflation


Workers working in the jute mills of Barrackpore, Bengal said that they get about ₹ 15,000 every month on the basis of a daily wage of ₹ 500. Due to which it is becoming very difficult to run a household in this era of inflation. The workers expressed confidence in the Modi government, calling education and health the main issues in the area.

CricketInFocus’s election tour has reached West Bengal. Where our editor Neeraj Kumar Dubey tried to know the issues and political environment of the area by talking to the workers working in the jute mills of Barrackpur.

The workers working in the mill said that they get around ₹ 15000 every month based on the remuneration of ₹ 500 per day. Which are inadequate to run the household in this time of inflation. Describing children’s education as a major issue, he said that with such little money, children can study only in government schools. Expressing disappointment over the condition of government schools, people said that children there are not getting good education. A mill worker said that this time the Bharatiya Janata Party will definitely form the government at the center and Arjun Singh will win the election from Barrackpore Lok Sabha seat because there is peace in the area during his rule.

Another voter also supported the laborer and said that the mills here are running only because of Arjun Singh. The opposition has tried many times to get the mills closed but due to the presence of Arjun Singh, the opponents had to bow down. On the schemes of Bengal government, a laborer said that he does not get any special benefit from the schemes of the state government. They get money only as per the contract of the Centre. People said that the new government should give priority to education and health. He told that Arjun Singh faces more attacks due to his being among the public, he has dominance in the area and he will definitely go to Delhi after getting elected as MP. During the conversation, the youth expressed their trust again in the Modi government by citing employment as one of their main issues.

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