Worst performance in 40 years increases PM Sunak’s tension, Labor Party demands general elections

After the ruling Conservative Party suffered a crushing defeat in the local elections in England, Britain’s Labor Party urged Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to hold general elections. The Tories lost almost half of the seats they contested. In contrast, Labor won councils that the party had not held for decades. Labor Party leader Keir Starmer said that here from Blackpool a kind of message has been given directly to the Prime Minister. Starmer said this was a direct statement to Rishi Sunak that we are fed up with your downfall, your chaos and your divisive policies and we want change.

Sunak has the power to set the date of the general election, but it must be held before January 28 next year. He took a rebel stance after Conservative Ben Houchen won re-election as mayor of the northern area of ​​Tees Valley. Sunak said that come the general election, (voters) will also be with us. Conservative Party chairman Richard Holden said it had been a difficult night. National polls show the Labor Party leading by 20 percentage points. According to the BBC, if this is replicated in a nationwide contest, early data suggests Labor would win 34 percent of the vote, with the Tories trailing by nine points. Sky News’ projections for the general election using partial results would see Labor become the largest party but fall short of an overall majority.

Mayor of London to be announced

Results will continue to be released over the weekend, including in the key mayoral contest in London, where Labour’s Sadiq Khan is expected to be re-elected. Elsewhere, the centrist Liberal Democrats and the Green Party also made gains, as did Reform UK, which is trying to move Conservative voters to the right.

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