Yogi government is preparing to make ‘Janeshwar Mishra Park’ a modern sports zone

Lucknow. The Yogi government, determined to make Uttar Pradesh a better state, has started the process of a massive makeover of Janeshwar Mishra Park located in the state capital Lucknow. For a long time, people visiting this park located in Gomti Nagar, Lucknow, felt the lack of a specialized sports arena. Realizing this need, the Yogi government had prepared a detailed action plan for the rejuvenation of the park. Implementing this action plan made as per the vision of CM Yogi, the Lucknow Development Authority (LDA) has started the process for the development of the sports zone. According to the action plan, all the development works will be completed at a cost of Rs 10.16 crore.

Tennis courts will also be constructed along with cricket, football and volleyball grounds

The special thing is that the sports amenities that will be equipped in the park through these development works include cricket, football and volleyball grounds as well as tennis courts. All these construction works will be completed by following the standards of environmental protection and other important guidelines and a monitoring mechanism will also be created to ensure the high quality of all the constructions.

Selection of agency and award of work will be done through two bid process

LDA has implemented a two bid process to complete all the works related to the development of the sports zone in the park. Through this process, an agency will be selected and it will complete all these works and will coordinate with LDA officials to pave the way for the implementation and adherence to all standards including deadlines and high quality of the works. After the allotment of work, the agency will try to complete all the development works within a period of 9 months.

After completion of development works, many sports activities will be conducted

The park, developed in about 376 acres at a cost of Rs 168 crore, was lacking a sports arena for conducting sporting events for a long time. Now, to fulfill this need, the process of construction of a large sports zone has started as per the vision of the Yogi government. On completion of this process started by LDA, the people of Lucknow and the people visiting the park from the country and abroad will get a chance to be a part of various sporting events. Through the completion of development works, the way will be paved for conducting various sporting activities here on a regular basis. All the sports amenities to be developed will be equipped with modern sprinklers, lighting and other facilities.

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