You will not welcome us! Why didn’t Modi’s friend Macron come to receive Jinping on his Europe tour after 5 years?

Chinese President Xi Jinping’s plane landed on French soil and a red carpet was seen spread below. But the person Xi Jinping was waiting for on the other side of the red carpet was not seen there. French President Emmanuel Macron did not arrive to receive Xi Jinping. French Prime Minister Gabriel had arrived to receive Jinping in his place. Gabriel is the first and youngest openly gay Prime Minister of France. However, Xi Jinping was definitely expecting the arrival of the French President. But he became hopeless. There is talk of restarting friendship between France and China. When the Chinese President landed on French soil, France welcomed him by laying a red carpet. After this his convoy was seen roaming on the streets. The Chinese people present in France welcomed him. People were welcoming Xi Jinping with flags of France and China in their hands.

Agenda of Jinping’s visit to Europe

Xi said that as important representatives of Eastern and Western civilizations, China and France have a long history of mutual admiration and appreciation. He also said that 60 years ago, the two countries broke the Cold War bloc and established diplomatic relations at the ambassadorial level, and bilateral relations in the 60 years have always been on a par with China’s relations with Western countries. Xi pointed out that the development of China-France relations has not only benefited both peoples, but also brought stability and positive energy to a turbulent world. The Chinese President said he will have an in-depth exchange of views with his French counterpart on the development of China-France relations and China-EU relations under the new circumstances, as well as current major international and regional issues.

What does Macron want from Jinping?

Macron will try to use his influence on Jinping during a two-day state visit to France to pressure Russia into ending the war in Ukraine. The two leaders are also expected to discuss trade disputes over electric cars, cognac and cosmetics. Macron’s office said talks about diplomatic efforts to support Ukraine and pressure Russia are a top priority for France. The discussion will also include global challenges including the Middle East, trade issues and climate change. The President of the European Commission will attend the meetings to raise wider EU concerns.

India’s staunch friend France

Chinese President Xi Jinping has reached France on a state visit organized by Emmanuel Macron. Along with this, both the leaders will share their views on issues ranging from Ukraine to trade. Xi Jinping’s arrival marked 60 years of diplomatic relations between France and China and marked his first visit to Europe since 2019. Jinping had not visited Europe since 2019. Now he has reached Europe for the first time after the year 2019. During this visit he will also visit Serbia and Hungary. But France is considered to be the most important place for travel. France is India’s staunchest friend. The relations between France and India are not hidden from anyone. The whole world has seen the friendship between Emmanuel Macron and Narendra Modi. Whenever these two leaders meet, they welcome each other with a hug. Last year, Narendra Modi had reached France as the chief guest at France’s biggest event. In terms of diplomacy, France has always kept India as its priority. India is France’s most trusted partner.

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