Your victory is my victory, your defeat is my defeat, such is our love, after the victory, this is how Rohit and Virat retired from T20 cricket

New Delhi. Embracing each other in celebration of victory, wiping each other’s tears in the sorrow of defeat, appreciating each other’s achievement on the crease, Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma were always seen standing together like Jai and Veeru of the movie ‘Sholay’ and now both have bid farewell to T20 cricket together. The pictures of both of them draping the tricolour on their shoulders after victory or crying while hugging each other touched the hearts of 140 crore Indians. There is no similarity in the personalities of both. One is fire and the other is water.

One is a typical Mumbaikar who eats ‘vada pav’ and the other is a Delhiite who loves ‘chhole bhature’ but still for the last 15 years both have been complementary to each other. In sorrow, in happiness, in victory and in defeat. After defeating South Africa in West Indies and winning the T20 World Cup, Rohit lay down on the ground, his eyes were filled with tears. Whereas Kohli, hiding his emotions, quietly went to the dressing room for some time. He wanted to celebrate the victory but also wanted to be alone. What is common between both is respect for each other’s skills and achievements.

Rohit was well aware that Kohli has decided to retire, whatever be the result of the final. This is the reason why Rohit gave him that opportunity in the prize distribution after the match and did not announce his retirement. He announced it in the press conference. When two legends are playing together in the same era, differences are bound to happen because it is said that two swords cannot stay in one sheath. There is so much at stake in Indian cricket that two swords learn to stay together in one sheath.

Sunil Gavaskar and Kapil Dev were playing together in the 80s when there was no social media. In those days, there used to be musical chairs regarding captaincy but the respect of these two stalwarts for each other did not diminish. Rohit and Virat are the legends of the social media era. Both of them maintained their dignity in this era of making a mountain out of a molehill. After India’s defeat in the World Cup semi-final 2019, reports of rift in their relationship started coming. Kohli decided to leave the T20 captaincy and BCCI made Rohit the captain in both the limited overs formats.

Some posts that went viral on social media show how much respect the two have for each other. Kohli had said in the ‘Breakfast with Champions’ podcast a few years ago, “When he first came, everyone used to say that a player has come, Rohit Sharma. I thought that we are also young players, what kind of player has come that no one is talking about us. Then when I saw his innings against South Africa in the T20 World Cup, I sunk into the sofa. I told myself that brother, keep quiet after today.”

Similarly, Rohit said, “Virat has always been a champion cricketer. We all know what he has done for us.” Both have had their own struggles. Kohli had to prove himself in the corrupt environment of Delhi cricket where his late father refused to pay bribe to get him selected in the Under-15 team. Rohit’s uncle told the authorities of Swami Vivekanand School in Borivali that he would not be able to pay the fee of Rs 200 per month. He got a scholarship in the sport.

Just as the picture of Gavaskar holding Kapil’s hand on the balcony of Lord’s in the 1983 World Cup is etched in the minds of cricket lovers, similarly people will never forget Rohit and Kohli hugging each other after winning the T20 World Cup. The pictures of this Jai and Veeru of Indian cricket will surely bring tears to the eyes of cricket lovers. Anyway, legends never retire.

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