Airplane Fuel Price. Airplane fuel prices reduced, flight fares may be reduced, common people will get relief

The month of June has begun, in which the general public has got double happiness. On one hand, the prices of commercial LPG cylinders have come down. This is the third consecutive month that the prices of Jabalpur cylinders have been reduced. Apart from this, oil and gas companies have also reduced the price of aviation fuel i.e. ATF from June 1.

From June 1, the price of aviation fuel has been reduced by Rs 6673.87 per kilo liter. According to the data available on the website of Indian Oil, ATF has become cheaper in Delhi and has become Rs 94969.01 per kilo liter. Earlier, the price of ATF in Delhi had increased by Rs 749.25 per kilo liter. After this, the price of ATF in Delhi had become Rs 101642.88 per kilo liter.

Apart from Delhi, the price of aviation fuel has also come down in other cities. ATF has become cheaper in Mumbai, after which its price has become Rs 88,834.27 per kilolitre. If we look at the price of ATF fuel in the four metros, it is available at the cheapest price in Mumbai.

The rate of ATF has reached Rs 103715 per kilo liter in Kolkata. ATF is being sold at the highest price in Kolkata. Its price has also come down in Chennai. Its price in Chennai has become Rs 98,557.14.

Airline fares may be reduced
The government oil marketing companies review the price of aviation fuel on the first of every month. The price of aviation fuel is decided according to the fluctuations in the global and domestic market. On this basis, the price of fuel is reduced or increased. On the first of last month, there was a slight increase in the price of ATF. Earlier in April, the price of ATF had come down. Gautam says that whenever there is a reduction in the price of aviation fuel, its direct impact is also seen on the airfare. In such a situation, there is every possibility that in the coming days, the airline companies will reduce the fares, which will definitely benefit the general public.

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