India will attack, Pakistan is scared by the prediction of Modi becoming PM again


Pakistan Foreign Secretary Ajaz Chaudhry said that the track record shows that Modi implements the election manifesto. So, this time he will try to make India a Hindu state and will adopt an aggressive policy towards Pakistan.

When it comes to India’s elections in Pakistan, how can former Pakistani minister Fawad Chaudhary stay behind. In the 2024 elections, Fawad kept running an anti-Modi campaign while sitting in Pakistan. As long as the elections were going on, Fawad kept giving provocative statements. Now that the elections are over, Fawad has also released his exit poll. You can also call it a fake exit poll of Pakistani Fawad. Pakistan’s Foreign Secretary Ajaz Chaudhary said that the track record shows that Modi implements the election manifesto. Therefore, this time he will try to make India a Hindu state and adopt an aggressive policy towards Pakistan. What will be his government’s policy for neighboring countries if he comes to power for the third time. Pakistan’s former Foreign Secretary says that if Narendra Modi returns to power, then this time a war-like situation can also arise between India and Pakistan. Sitting in Islamabad, Fawad Chaudhary, Imran’s former minister, kept praying for Modi’s defeat throughout the election.

The whole of Pakistan wants to see Modi lose

These days Fawad Chaudhary is having daydreams about the Indian elections. As soon as he sees a camera and a microphone, he starts giving interviews in a jiffy. If Fawad Chaudhary had seen the exit poll data, he would not have given such a statement. After the results came out on June 4, it seems that Fawad Chaudhary will keep hiding his face. Most of the channels in Islamabad have Modi phobia. Anti-Modi news suits them very well. In protest against Modi, Fawad Chaudhary supported the opposition parties of India without being asked. The Indian leaders knew that Pakistani support is of no use in the Indian elections. That is why everyone scolded Fawad instead.

On May 25, as Delhi went to the polls, Choudhary again jumped into India’s election fray, replying to Kejriwal’s post on Twitter about voting with his family, saying: May peace and harmony defeat the forces of hatred and extremism. Kejriwal, however, realising the gravity of the situation, wasted no time in reacting to it and replied: “Choudhary sahab, I and the people of my country are fully capable of handling our issues. Your tweet is not needed. The situation in Pakistan is very bad right now. You take care of your country.” Earlier, Choudhary had shared a video of Rahul Gandhi on his social media handle criticising Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the BJP and captioned it: Rahul on fire.

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