Inverter VS Non-Inverter: Which AC is the best, know the difference between the two

After the scorching heat, the demand for ACs is increasing beyond limits. At the same time, in this scorching heat, the number of cases of fire in ACs has also increased a lot. When we talk about ACs, two things come to the fore. Inverter and non-inverter. Often this question comes to mind that what is the difference between inverter AC and non-inverter AC and which one should you buy.

Difference between inverter and non inverter

The biggest difference between inverter and non-inverter AC is the compressor. Inverter AC has a variable speed compressor and non-inverter AC has a fixed speed compressor. Variable speed compressor consumes less power and also makes less noise, but fixed speed compressor is the opposite. Inverter AC saves up to 30% electricity compared to non-inverter AC.

What is off-on technology?

Non-inverter ACs use an on/off system that turns the compressor on and off at regular intervals. It consumes more energy than an inverter. On the other hand, inverter ACs use pulse width modulation (PWM) which determines how long it takes for the compressor to turn on again after being turned off. This increases the life of the AC.

Which AC to choose?

If we look at it, then inverter AC is the best. It has many advantages. The first thing is that inverter AC saves electricity. At the same time, it also reduces noise. These inverter ACs are a bit expensive. However, they are more durable. But, their maintenance is expensive. The room temperature of a non-inverter AC can vary, however, inverter AC keeps the room temperature constant.

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