SBI fought with the customer and got the photo deleted, took action after complaint

People often complain about many types of complaints when they go to State Bank of India (SBI). Taking photos inside the branch of the country’s largest bank SBI is strictly prohibited. In the age of social media, whatever people do goes viral instantly.

One such post has gone viral, which has tarnished the image of SBI. A picture of SBI surfaced on social media which the bank did not like. Citing violation of rules, SBI got the customer to delete this photo as well. Actually, the matter is of Rajasthan, where a person named Lalit Solanki has posted a picture of empty chairs of the staff in the SBI branch. He claimed that this photo was taken at 3 pm in the SBI branch, when the entire staff has gone for lunch together. On one hand, the bank claims that there is no lunch break there, on the other hand, the entire staff has gone for lunch together. The whole world can change but not the service of SBI.

SBI got angry after seeing the photo

A photo was uploaded on social media. After seeing this photo, the bank wrote that this photo should be deleted immediately. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused to you but due to security reasons, taking photos and making videos is not allowed in the branch. If the photo is misused, the user has been told to be responsible for it.

Users asked when is the lunch break in SBI

Lalit Solanki and SBI immediately clashed on social media. People are commenting a lot on this post on social media. Customers are also very curious to know about the actual lunch break of SBI. SBI says that there is no fixed time for lunch break in the branch. The staff takes food at different times so that users do not face inconvenience.

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