Airlines are leveraging AI to improve customer service

Indian airlines are leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to reduce the workload of customer service staff and deliver better services to passengers. Air India is set to make extensive use of AI as part of its five-year transformation plan.

Its generative AI virtual agent ‘AI.g’ handles more than 1,300 topics. Similarly, the country’s largest airline IndiGo has an AI chatbot ‘6asky’ which has 1.7 lakh crore parameters, allowing it to answer questions easily.

This bot can understand written, typed and verbal instructions using a ‘speech-to-text’ model. Akasa Air said it will continue to invest heavily in proven technology solutions across all business functions. Airlines in India, one of the world’s fastest growing civil aviation markets, are also expanding their fleets.

Along with this, the adoption of technologies like AI and machine learning (ML) is increasing in all industries including aviation. Air India Chief Digital and Technology Officer Satya Ramaswami told PTI that the use of AI is an integral part of the airline’s technology approach and AI is responding to customer service requests in a better way.

An IndiGo spokesperson said that several improvements are being made to enhance the capabilities of its AI chatbot ‘6asky’. Google’s Gemini is also being used for this.

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