Biden and Trump won their party’s primary elections in some states

New York. US President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump won the Democratic and Republican party primaries in some states on Monday. Trump, who contested elections for the first time after being convicted of falsifying records in the secret money payment case to ‘porn star’ Stormy Daniels, won the primaries in New Mexico, Montana and New Jersey. Biden won the Democratic Party primaries in New Mexico, South Dakota, New Jersey, Montana and Washington DC. Both Trump and Biden were expected to win easily in Tuesday’s contests. But many Americans say they do not want a repeat of the 2020 election.

Trump’s dominance in the Republican Party’s primary election was first challenged by former UN ambassador Nikki Haley, but she later announced her withdrawal from the race to seek the presidential nomination in March. Haley had said two weeks ago that she would vote for Trump in November. However, she was a part of the primary election race in New Mexico where many voters voted in favor of Haley, but till late Tuesday night her vote percentage was less than 10 percent.

Biden faced opposition in recent contests due to Democratic voters’ unhappiness over his handling of Israel’s war with Hamas. But despite this, he won the primary election. Meanwhile, voters also voted in primary elections for federal, state and local offices in these states on Tuesday.

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