iPhone Scam. Apple’s phone was fraudulently sold, the company suffered a loss of 1.23 crore dollars

Apple’s iPhone may be considered a very expensive phone, but it is also included in the list of the world’s most famous phones. This is the reason that due to its popularity, fake iPhones are widely spread in the market. Talking about fake goods, China is an expert in making duplicates. China has cheated five people through such duplicate Apple iPhones. About 16000 fake Apple devices have been sent back to the company through returns. Due to this act of China, the iPhone manufacturing company has suffered a loss of about 1.23 crore dollars.

According to the information, fake iPhones, iPads and other products have been returned to Apple. A case has also been filed in this regard in the US Attorney’s Office. According to this, five Chinese citizens have returned fake iPhones, iPads and other products of Apple. The cost of all the fake products returned is about $ 1.23 crore. Companies that take care of the customers should not be cheated. Strict action will be taken against those who commit fraud.

This is how fraud happened with Apple
According to the information, all the Apple products or devices that were sent to the people look like the original devices. It also has identification numbers like the original products. Only the products with identification numbers are being used by the people of America. All these products are covered under Apple’s warranty, Apple Care and Apple Extended Warranty. However, all these products have proved to be fake, which have been returned by the Chinese. Apple company has faced problems due to this fraud. At the same time, the users who are using the original products are also shocked.

Scam has been going on for many years
After receiving such fake products, Apple employees either have to replace them or repair them. Apart from this, they may have to repair them. According to the Attorney’s Office, the fraudsters are very clever and have made complete arrangements to hide their identity. Apple was being defrauded with great strength and planning for years. This scam started for the first time in the year 2015, due to which the company had to suffer a loss of crores of rupees. Whoever is found guilty in this case can be sentenced to 20 years in jail.

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