Pawan Kalyan smiles as his emotional wife Anna performs pooja after Andhra Pradesh election results, video goes viral

Pawan Kalyan is hoping to win in Pithapuram as part of the Andhra Pradesh Assembly Elections 2024. The Telugu star, who also heads his party – Jana Sena Party, contested from Pithapuram and is leading in the AP constituency. His wife Anna Lezhneva got emotional when his party members declared him the winner already. In the video coming from the couple’s home, Anna was seen performing pooja for her while their son Akira joined them.

In a video shared on X, Pawan appeared for the first time amid his imminent victory and stood patiently while his wife performed puja. She applied tilak on his forehead and performed puja while he kept teasing her. Pawan’s son Akira Nandan, who lives with his ex-wife Renu Desai, was also present at the ceremony. Pawan’s party workers were heard chanting his name.

Earlier in the day, Anna and Akira greeted party workers as Pawan inched closer to victory. Supporters gathered outside the couple’s home. Anna was seen holding back tears as he celebrated Pawan’s lead in the polls.

At the time of reporting, the Election Commission of India revealed that Pawan had received 1,32,725 votes in Pithapuram. Pawan Kalyan has this time formed an alliance with the BJP and Chandrababu Naidu’s TDP for the Lok Sabha and Andhra Pradesh Assembly elections. Under the seat sharing between the NDA allies, the TDP was allotted 144 Assembly and 17 Lok Sabha seats while the BJP contested six Lok Sabha and 10 Assembly seats. Under the agreement, Jana Sena contested two Lok Sabha and 21 Assembly seats.

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