Sachin Pilot sarcasm BJP | Lok Sabha results are a strong message against BJP’s policies: Sachin Pilot

In an exclusive interview with India Today, Congress leader Sachin Pilot talks about the Lok Sabha results, Congress’ performance and a host of other issues. On the Lok Sabha results, I think yesterday’s results have brought a strong message that it was against the narrative set by the BJP. It was against the targets that the BJP had set for itself. And the Congress party, Bharat Gathbandhan has done remarkably well in most parts of the country. And especially in Rajasthan, last time we got no seats. And now we and our allies have 11 seats to our credit. And I think the credit for this really goes to the party leadership and party workers.”

It is too early to predict the formation of a new government: Congress’ Sachin Pilot

Congress’ Sachin Pilot had also said in an exclusive interview with CNN that the biggest thing from the election is that it is a vote against the BJP government. Their numbers have declined sharply, and no party has been given the mandate to form the government. What will happen in the future, I don’t know, but it will be a coalition government. Second, the Congress Party and the Bharat Alliance parties have improved their seats significantly, and the BJP’s seats have decreased a lot in Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Rajasthan, Haryana.

In Rajasthan, the Congress party and allies have won 11 seats. This is also a reflection of the failure of the double-engine government, both in Jaipur and Delhi. And in Rajasthan, we were able to select better candidates. Our narrative was better. Our campaign was better. The issues that we raised were very much appreciated. And in my view, the people of Rajasthan also felt that the agrarian crisis, the issues of Agniveer, inflation, unemployment, were important issues. And they voted for the party that supported these issues, which is the Congress party. The BJP tried its best to polarise by talking about Hindu and Muslim and mosque and temple and mangalsutra. This also worked against the BJP. And the Congress, we tried to give young candidates a chance to contest, which I think helped us. And as you said, we have improved a lot compared to last time.

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