Stock Market Crash: For the first time after Covid 19, the stock market crashed badly, amid chaos, investors lost millions of rupees

The election results have started coming on June 4. On the day of the results, there has been a massive tsunami in the stock market. Even the stock market, which stands strong, cannot survive this tsunami. The stock market has done such a thing on the day of election results on June 4 that the market has collapsed like a pack of cards.

During this time, the BSE Sensex has plunged by 6000 points. On the other hand, the NSE Nifty has fallen by more than 1900 points. During this time, this is the biggest decline so far after the Corona period. On the other hand, a day before this, on Monday, June 3, there was a lot of excitement in the market, but on the day of the election results, the stock market has collapsed. The decline in the stock market is the biggest decline so far after the Corona virus period. There has been a lot of uproar in the stock market on this day.

After this fall, investors have suffered a loss of Rs 11 lakh crore in the initial trends. The market has fallen by several trillion on this day. Actually, on one hand, the BJP i.e. NDA government seems to be coming to power again, but this is not as per the expectations of the market. In such a situation, if we look at the trends, then these results can prove to be harmful for the market.

Intraday loss

Nifty intraday has seen the highest decline of 5%. Bank Nifty has also seen a decline of seven percent. During this time, Nifty had fallen by five percent by 11:30 am. Its level had reached 22000. Bank Nifty also fell by six percent. Sensex intraday has also seen a huge decline. If we look at the figures, the market cap of BSE companies has decreased by Rs 30 lakh crore. After the election results, investors have lost Rs 30 lakh crore.

In afternoon trade, the 30-share BSE Sensex fell 6,234.35 points, or 8.15 per cent, to 70,234.43. The NSE Nifty fell 1,982.45 points, or 8.52 per cent, to 21,281.45. Of the 30 Sensex companies, State Bank of India fell over 16 per cent, while Power Grid and NTPC shares fell nearly 15 per cent. Shares of Larsen & Toubro, Axis Bank, Tata Steel, Bharti Airtel, JSW Steel and Reliance Industries also suffered losses.

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