Gujarat Lok Sabha Election 2024: Gujarat will become the biggest example of pro-incumbency, will BJP score a hat-trick of clean sweep once again?

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BJP can win 25 to 26 seats in Rajasthan. Whereas All India Alliance can get 0-1 seats.

Voting was held for 25 out of 26 seats in Gujarat on May 7 during the third phase of Lok Sabha elections 2024. While, the only seat of Surat fell directly into the BJP’s lap after eight out of nine eligible candidates withdrew their nominations from the constituency, thus BJP candidate Mukesh Dalal was declared the unopposed winner. Moreover, amid the exit poll results, it is pertinent to note that the state witnessed an overall 55 per cent voter turnout during the polling for the Lok Sabha constituencies. According to Axis My India, BJP can win 25 to 26 seats in Rajasthan. At the same time, India Alliance can get 0-1 seats. NDA has got 63 per cent vote share in Gujarat. Apart from this, India has got 33 per cent vote share. AAP has shrunk from 9 percent to 3 percent.

According to the data of ABP News-CVoter exit poll, NDA is likely to get 62% votes in Gujarat, India Alliance 35% and others 3%. According to the exit poll, out of 26 Lok Sabha seats in Gujarat, NDA is likely to get 25-26 seats and India Alliance 0-1 seats.

Gujarat Elections 2024: What happened in 2014 and 2019?

The BJP is hopeful of winning all 26 Lok Sabha seats in the state, repeating its massive victory of 2019 and 2014. However, the Congress is also hoping to break its 10-year drought by allying with the AAP.

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