56 people have died due to extreme heat in India in the last three months: Health Ministry

New Delhi. Out of 24,849 people who were affected by the scorching heat in India between March and May, 56 have died. This information was given in the data shared by the Union Health Ministry. According to the data compiled by the National Center for Disease Control (NCDC), 46 people died in May alone. It was told that between May 1 and May 30, 19,189 suspected cases of heat wave were reported in the country. Sources said that the number of deaths in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Delhi have not been included in these figures. In such a situation, the death toll is expected to increase. Most parts of the country are experiencing severe heat.

At least 40 people were reported dead in heat-related cases in India on Friday, including 25 personnel deployed for the Lok Sabha polls in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. According to officials, on Thursday too, 10 people died in Odisha, eight in Bihar, four in Jharkhand and one in Uttar Pradesh due to the scorching heat. At least five people have died so far in Rajasthan due to heat. According to Health Ministry data, 14 people have died due to heat-related illnesses in Madhya Pradesh during the last three months.

At the same time, 11 people died in Maharashtra. An official source said, the data of deaths due to extreme heat is yet to come from states like Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Delhi. Some states have reported problems in data entry. The data given by the states cannot be considered final, so the number of deaths may increase. According to the National Center for Disease Control (NCDC), the cause of these deaths may be extreme heat or hyperthermia, because the body temperature was 40.6 degrees Celsius or more.

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