JDU increased BJP’s tension, KC Tyagi said- there is a need to think on Agniveer scheme, also said something big on UCC

Nitish Kumar’s JDU has supported ‘one nation, one election’ and UCC, agendas that the BJP has been pushing for years and wants to implement. However, the JDU wants a review of the Agniveer scheme, which it believes had an impact on the elections. The Agneepath scheme, which was launched in June 2022, recruits youths for four years, after which 25% of them will be retained and the rest will be released – a clause that has irked Army aspirants. KC Tyagi has increased BJP’s tension by making this statement

JDU, whose support is crucial for the survival of the NDA government, has also said that it has no problem with the Uniform Civil Code (UCC) but wants dialogue with all stakeholders. He claimed that Nitish Kumar had written a letter to the Law Commission on UCC. He had said that we are not against it but there is a need for extensive consultation. He claimed that we have supported One Nation One Election.

In the run-up to the campaign, Home Minister Amit Shah said the UCC would be implemented in the third term of the Modi government. Last month, former Army chief Gen VK Singh had suggested that some changes could be made to the Agneepath scheme once the first batch of recruits complete four years of service. Singh, who served as Army chief from March 2010 to May 2012, said the first batch of Agniveers has already joined their units.

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